Exceptional operational flexibility a confirmation of its numerous operations possibilities.Multiple use of the ER2 NT- Scouring of leather soles on the flesh side - Scouring of leather soles for obtaining a “Scratched or Aged effect” on the grain side- Partial scouring of the surface of soles and various components using the programmable feed inversion device, E.G. to set up heel seat, heel breast chamfering, etc - Skiving of leather soles on the grain side - Skiving of leather heel covers - Scouring of leather counters for super finishing operations with a profile mould- Scouring of rubber soles, PU, Eva, both flat and with differentiated thicknesses up to 7 mm - Scouring of heel tips, midsoles, etc., in rubber- Scouring and skiving of leather uppers- Scouring of bands and/or strips in very supple rubber, taking full advantage of the feed inversion pedal control- Any material which requires scouring from 0.5 to 30 mm in thickness and 200 mm in width can be processed with a variable feed from 0 to 26 metres/minuteCUSTOMIZATION: thanks to its easy handling and range of connecting devices (on request), the ER2-NT can be inserted in automatic production lines in just a few minutes.
Piani con spessori differenziati sino a 7 mm. Smerigliatura salvatacchi, ½ suole, etc, in gomma. Smerigliatura e sfioratura di tomaie in pelle. Smerigliatura di lastre e/o fascioni in gomma morbidissima sfruttando il comando a pedale di inversione avanzamento. Qualsiasi materiale che necessiti della smerigliatura da 0.5 a 30 mm di spessore e larghezza max 200 mm può essere lavorato con un avanzamento variabile da 0 a 26 mt/min.


Roughing height:
0 – 30 mm
Max carding width:
mm 200
Roughing power:
kW 3
Net weight:
kg 300
mm 960 x 850 x 1700 h

thanks to the easy portability and connection devices (on request), insertion into automatic production lines takes a few minutes.

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