The machine P50 guarantees, with the employment of steel plate templates, bakelite or pressboard and of the wooden chips blocks, the exact and constant pre-trimming of:

one pair or more pairs of soles with every kind of profiles
one pair of soles with attached heel
the heel only, even if incluìined, with the appropriate clamps

The machine allows to work the following materials: natural leather, regenerated, coria, tunit, rubber, cork and other materials necessary to build soles and heels, even if these are of low consistence, such as mycroporose, thanking the adjustable pressure on the clamp. Easy registrations allow quickly the sole positioning in the clamp according to the cutter. The cutter holder shaft is like a cartridge and it is very quickly to replace. The machine is equipped with safety devices, such as the low pressure closing of the clamp (anti-squashing), the carter safecutter automatically retractile, the electronic brake, which stops the shaft in 3-4 seconds reducing also the necessary time to replace the cutter, and the unsuccesful starting, if the protection closing did not happen. The only requested maintenance is the machine’s cleaning.Normal equipment: no. 5 copying rings, no. 1 set of service keys.

cutter shaft diameter 25 mm with reduction of rotation speed, clamps for heels trimming.


Net weight:
kg 280
Daily production:
2800 pairs
mm 600 x 720 x 1450 h

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